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Preamble | Constitution of Madagascar

Preamble to the Constitution of Madagascar

The sovereign Malagasy people, profoundly attached to their cultural and spiritual values, especially to the basis of national unity; affirming their belief in God the Creator; faithful to their international commitments; adopting the International Charter of Human Rights, the African Charter of Human Rights, the Convention on Children's Rights, and considering these to be an integral part of their law; convinced that the growth of their personality and identity is basic to their harmonious development, the essential conditions of which are recognized to be

- respect for and protection of fundamental liberties, individual and collective;

- separation and balance of powers to be exercised through democratic procedures;

- openness in the conduct of public affairs as a guarantee of citizen participation in the exercise of power and efficient effective supervision;

- the establishment of a State in which the people and the public officials are subject to the same legal norms under the supervision of an independent judiciary;

- protection of national unity through the implementation of a policy of balanced development in all areas;

- dedication to peace and fraternity;

- struggle against injustice, inequality, and discrimination in all its forms; and

- the application of effective decentralization;


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